Cards and Luminous Ink- What is the Relationship Like?

Magic tricks with cards are something that everyone enjoys. Their secret technique that the magician use that few would know. Yes, of course, we all know that they mark the cards. But do you know how? Most of us would not know it. The technique they use can also be used to mark your deck of cards for playing poker in house parties or amongst friends (because, any way you would not be allowed with your deck of cards in casinos). Excited? Read on and see how such markings are done. 

How to use luminous ink on cards?

There are various ways to mark your deck of cards. You can use invisible ink or a barcode. Invisible ink is a good option but can be easily read by anyone who owns infrared contact lenses. Barcodes are again not so easily legible, but can be perceived only via a much tedious procedure. So what is the way out? 

Many magicians (and of course poker players) use luminous ink. They are not detectable by contact lenses either. Luminous ink contact lenses are a whole different kind of contact lenses altogether and also the only way to detect luminous ink. 

Can you use luminous ink in casinos?

In casinos, you are not allowed your deck of cards. It is thus not possible at all to bring your cards to the casinos, let alone marked ones. If and when caught you can even be banned from the casino for a lifetime. You would surely not want that. These tricks are good only till when it is amongst friends or during magic tricks with cards. 

Both luminous inks as well as the lenses to read them are available online. That is also a better option as then you can even go through the reviews of others who have bought the same. It is also best to note here that it is not a good idea to use them in poker, but rather use them during magic tricks to make others happy. 

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